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الحشيش .. تجارة الموت العالمية

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تحتل تجارة الحشيش المركز الثالث عالميا بعد تجارة السلاح والدواء.

وحتى عام 2008، كان المغرب يتصدر دول العالم بالانتاج، الا ان افغانستان سحبت البساط منه بزيادة زراعة مساحاتها لتصل الى 3500 هكتار في نصف اقاليمها.

وحسب تقرير الامم المتحدة، يتصدر الاوربيون قائمة الاكثر تعاطيا للحشيش.

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  1. salah eddine قال:

    Dear Mayssa, recently we seen CNBC arabia which supposed to be more in to educating the arabs and arab world how to do business and what is going on in the world in terms of trading and commercial like stock markets and commodities market, getting deep in to politics, when we watch CNBC english version it is completly diffferent in terms of the subjects discussed it is more focussed on the economy, we need to see more programs related to business and not politics especially some of the presenters in CNBC ARABIA trying to convince us that we are living arab spring and siding up with specific countries , time has come for the media to improve for the best of all of us